PCS Outdoors has a great selection of Trapping and Predator Hunting Supplies at great prices. They are currently carrying all models of Expand-A-Pans, and many other products. Give them a call for any trapping or predator hunting needs.

PCS Outdoors

5911 Mission Street
Oscoda, MI48750


Okie Cable & Trap Supply

P.O. Box 195
Crowder, OK 74430

Okie Cable and Trap Supply has just about everything you could possible need for trapping.  They are knowledgable, fast, and courteous.  They carry all models of Expand-A-Pans, and hundreds of other products too!  Jeb, the owner, is also a licensed fur buyer.  If you need anything related to trapping or you are looking for a place to sell your fur, give Jeb and the guys at Okie Cable and Trap a call. 

Are you looking for lures and baits that will truly give you an advantage?  Maybe you are like us and need a learning resource from someone that knows what he is talking about and easy to understand.  Check out all of Predator Control Group's great products, videos, and books.  Clint's lures and baits are what we personally use on our trapline, and the knowledge we gained from his videos and books put us years ahead of where we would be through trial and error!  There is no one in the industry more willing to help trappers!  Clint is a true professional at everything he does.  Don't forget to also check out Wolfer Nation and Trapper Radio 2.  There is new and relevant information updated on these sites every week.  Do yourself a favor and visit these super informative sites often! 

Mississippi Trappers Association

We are proud to say that we are lifetime members of the Mississippi Trappers Association.  If you are not a member of your state and national trapping associations, you should be!  There is strength in numbers, and the state associations are the battleground against fighting the Anti's and to keep the trapping heritage and tradition alive.  Check out what we are doing in Mississippi through this link. 

National Trappers Association

The National Trappers Association is the nation's largest trapping organization.  They are committed to defending and promoting the safe and ethical harvest of furbearing mammals and to the preservation and enhancements of their habitats.  Check out the latest news from the NTA.